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KWENTO's Artistic Director, Catherine Liu, retells her most traumatic experience with her own mental health, showing her racing thoughts as they turn into “sick truths,”  her suicide plan, mental break, hospital and mental facility experience, and the tumultuous waves of her recovery. We hope that Break brings understanding and awareness to those who have no first-hand experience with mental illness, and gives support to those who are in recovery and those afraid to start.

Guest Performance by Rebecca Morris & Dancers

January 31, February 1, 7, & 8, 2020

7:30pm on PianoFight's Main Stage


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KWENTO + PianoFight present a comedy-dance-theater production that takes you back into the performers' dressing room. The artists experience each others’ quirky pre-show rituals, with awkward turtle moments and 4th wall breaks. This multimedia play features idiosyncratic choreography and a video to be watched in an unconventional way.

Premiered in February 2018

Returned in November 2019

PianoFight, SF



A dance theater production in which modern dance explores itself. Four dance pieces are set exclusively to spoken word, ranging from comedic to personal and poignant.

Premiered in November 2016

Returned in April 2017

PianoFight, SF

Photos by Andy Strong, Mark McBeth, and Daniel James Burke

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